Tell the Story

When fellow citizens go to war, they go to defend all of us. Today’s wars are remote, endless, and nearly invisible at home, so it has never been more important to share their experiences in ways that educate, inform and connect us all to the true cost of freedom.

Vetflix interviews veterans and creates beautiful, high-definition films of their stories that are sure to become conversation starters today and treasured family heirlooms for all time.

For Veterans

Every veteran signs a blank check payable to Uncle Sam for up to and including their life. They join, serve and return to civilian life but rarely talk about what happened with those who ‘did not go’. Veterans are members of a unique club who go to war, give their all, and sometimes pay the ultimate price.

Yet every veteran has a valuable story. Even the most ordinary people may have done extraordinary things to protect our way of life. Vets who share their tales help us learn to appreciate the sacrifices made and the lifelong impact military service can have on the lives of those who choose to serve.

Vetflix gives veterans the opportunity to share what happened to them and how those experiences shaped them and their lives. Family, friends and the nation are strengthened by preserving these stories and a legacy is created that will last for generations to come. Schedule your interview today and ensure that you will be remembered!

For Non-Veterans

Military service is life altering, yet veterans often do not share much about war and non-veterans are simply unprepared for that conversation. Vetflix has spent years interviewing veterans of all eras and knows how to help them share their stories.


Now, you can give the gift of immortality! By creating your veteran’s film, you’ll be ensuring that they will live for generations to come. You’ll get the satisfaction of truly honoring their service by capturing their story and memorializing the contributions they made.

Hearing their story connects us and binds us together more closely. This is the time to act! Schedule an interview for your vet today.