Feature Films

Veterans and their families go through a lot. These intimate films help share their world and give all of us a chance to appreciate what they may face.

This film is a touching tribute to those who died in the Vietnam War […]
In this short film, Jim Slater, Raymond Patchen, and Ed Pinelle tell […]
What is it like when your country sends you into harms way far from home? In this film we hear directly from those who were there…
Sometimes healing happens. New Hampshire Humanities brought veterans and experts together, and this film shares the story of the progress that they made.
Being married and in the military is not easy. Three vets talk about the good, the bad, and the challenge of balancing home life with service commitments.
Ernie went to Vietnam and saw things. Here, he tells us what it was like to suffer PTSD and his path to healing.
Why should veterans go to jail when they have trouble adjusting at home? This film explores one veteran’s encounter with the law and innovative courts in New Hampshire.