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Lt. Col. Stephanie Riley
January 29, 1967-
December 29, 2014 
John R. Williams
October 11, 1918 -
September 9, 2012
Leo G. Thomas
February 9, 1923 -
January 2, 2013
Squirrel Murphy
January 12, 1947 -
December 19, 2012
Squirrel Murphy Tribute - Mobile Leo Thomas Tribute - Mobile Francis (Tod) Blodget Jr.
September 5, 1917-
August 24, 2014 
Tod Blodget Tribute - Mobile Robert S. Flannery
July 23, 1909 -
June 14, 2011
Virginia B. Hutton
  August 10, 1918 -
August 14, 2012
Ted C. Kennedy
   May 26, 1930 -
May 8, 2012
Virginia Hutton Tribute - Mobile Ted Kennedy Tribute - Mobile Robert Flannery Tribute - Mobile Abel Shafer
November, 7 1917 -
October 15, 2014 
Abel Shafer
Vetflix travels the US, capturing on camera, our in-depth interviews with veterans from all eras. We then produce professionally-edited films, master them to DVD, package them, and then ship them to the veterans, and their families. The moments and memories that we capture and share are priceless, honoring and preserving for future generations, the veteran’s story of service, in their own voice.

VETFLIX DOES NOT CHARGE VETERANS FOR OUR SERVICES. It is only through your support that we are able to continue our work and our ability to share with the public, these rare and personal moments. Please consider making a small donation to help fund our vital efforts. Thank you!

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