Making a Difference for Veterans ... What Impact is Vetflix Having?
What is Vetflix?
Vetflix ensures that America’s veterans have a voice, and their stories are told with honor and dignity. Vetflix has filmed over 75 vets, producing films that preserve their legacies for generations to come.

Through Vetflix films, average Americans get a glimpse into the mysterious and often misunderstood world of veterans. Vetflix films enable all of us to better understand the realities of military service and the true price they pay for defending our freedom.

By filming personal interviews with vets, Vetflix is able to shine a unique light on the nature of military service and share the compelling, candid, personal thoughts of those who were there.              
Why Should You Support Vetflix?
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The Vetflix mission!
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The purpose and vision of Vetflix is to improve conditions for military veterans through public education that uses actual service experiences to raise awareness of and appreciation for their contributions.
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Vetflix enlightens and entertains.
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