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Vetflix is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company. Donations are tax deductible.
Recurring Donation
Donations pay for veteran interviews, film editing and production, DVD authoring, travel, website development, social media creation, equipment, software, supplies and more.

Gifts enable Vetflix to strengthen the community by revealing the veteran world through first-hand stories of service. Vetflix films stir emotions, generate empathy, and foster greater appreciation for the challenges veterans face, and why.
A recurring monthly donation realizes your ongoing commitment to the mission of Vetflix and the difference we’re making for vets. Your small monthly transaction helps keep the cameras rolling!

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Veterans are not charged for interviews. Donations make it possible for us to honor their service. Support
Produce Your Veteran’s History Film
Give the gift of immortality! By creating your veteran’s film, you’ll be ensuring that they will live for generations to come. You’ll get the satisfaction of truly honoring their service by capturing the story while you can.   
Vetflix will create a beautiful, high-def DVD of their story that’s sure to become a treasured family heirloom. Click to learn more and then contact Vetflix to discuss getting started!
Filming your vet now makes a difference for generations!  
Teaching Our Children
Informing the Public
Educating Professionals
Honoring Their Service
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…because only by hearing their stories can we value the price they pay.
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One Time Gift
Your one-time donation is critical to the capture, preservation and sharing of America’s veteran histories. The unique perspective of Vetflix' films enable all of us to better understand the realities of war and appreciate the price vets paid for our freedom.

Give to help film veteran legacies and strengthen our nation’s heritage!